Garage Storage Solutions Tucson AZ

If you’re looking for some extra storage in the Tucson area, E-Z Garage has the right solution(s) for you! 

We’ve all been there. The garage is out of control; it’s been overtaken by a haphazard combination of lawn equipment and gardening supplies, old bikes, kids’ toys, boxes of stuff that didn’t fit into the house, tools, cleaning products, car accessories, and more. Nothing is organized and there’s no room for the cars, because the garage has been overtaken by clutter. Without proper storage materials, it’s hard to organize and categorize to determine what should stay and what should go. 

Organizing your garage and utilizing functional storage solutions is a great way to get things cleaned up and easily locate the items you need. It also reduces the risk of damage, rust or wear and tear on items that were otherwise just being left out. Having things neatly put away in storage units, shelving and bins protects your belongings from dust, rust, insects, rodents, water damage/mold, and more. 

There are so many different types of storage solutions, and they offer them all. Whether you’re interested in garage shelving, ceiling storage racks, storage bins and systems, or all of the above, there are plenty of inspired, economical and functional options out there. 

One great storage solution are overhead storage racks, made of strong steel and designed to hold bins or other items with ease. These can hold up to 1000 pounds and are easy to install. 

We install Overhead Ceiling Garage Storage Racks in Tucson AZ

If you’re looking to get extra space out of a cramped area, try modular hooks for hanging items like bicycles, toys, musical equipment or other items. It pulls them off the floor and suspends them from overhead racks, freeing up valuable space. Hooks come in a variety of sizes and are super durable and safe. 

The EZ Glide Storage System makes the most of garage door space that’s usually wasted, by perching atop the garage door. These can hold up to 12 normal sized totes and the EZ glide system makes access easy. 

EZ Storage Garage Wall Shelves are a simple but strong and effective way to organize your stuff. Made of ultra-strong steel and usually sold as a pair, these will hold lots of bins, boxes and other materials and they’re built to last. 

When used in conjunction with each other, this system of organizational garage solutions can take a cluttered, overfilled, and cramped space and turn it into a whole new garage. Using a few creative organizational ideas, you can find a home for everything you own while smartly utilizing your spaces. Even if you have a smaller space, just a few little tricks combined with the right products can make all the difference.

If you’re looking to install ceiling racks over the garage, are interested in storage bins or hooks, or are interested in garage shelving in Tucson, call Overhead Garage Storage today. They can take care of all of your needs so you can get your garage back.