Garage Storage Solutions Mesa AZ

Have you run out of storage space in your garage and are looking for ways to create more? E-Z storage may have just the solution for you. We have a number of systems designed to help homeowners make use of unused space on the ceiling or above the garage door so that you can safely and economically store a range of different items. Overhead garage storage in Mesa, Arizona, has never looked or been designed better. Not only do we have overhead storage, and shelving, we have even created modular hook systems so that you can store more difficult items, like bikes, neatly, from our ceiling storage racks. All our products have been designed to help you get the most from your garage space.

Overhead Garage Storage Racks in Mesa

What type of storage solutions do you have?

We have several storage solutions available to ensure that our customers can adequately store any items that they need.

Overhead 4’ x 8’ Storage Racks – This solution is made from the highest quality steel so can hold up to 1000 lbs. If you have quite a few boxes that you need to store, it could be an excellent option for you. It also gives you the ability to be able to hang up extra items with our modular hook system. These are great for hard to store or bulky items such as bikes or ladders.
E-Z Glide Tote Slide Storage System – This ingenious storage solution allows you to organize up to 12 totes on the ceiling and is a great way to make use of the wasted space above the garage door. They can also be adjusted to be used with totes of most sizes.
E-Z Storage Garage Wall Shelf – Our garage wall shelves are sold in packs of two and are made out of heavy-duty steel. They have 200+ load capacity and come with a lifetime warranty.
All of our products can be installed professionally by our highly trained installers so that you can be sure they will last a lifetime.

Choose E-Z Storage for Quality Garage Shelving in Mesa Arizona

When creating our garage storage solutions, we use only the best quality products and give out customers excellent warranties because we aim to be the best in the industry. We give our customers lifetime warranties as we are confident that with the quality of our products, they will last a lifetime. Our products are made from industrial grade steel that you will never need to replace, unlike cheap metal that will become dangerous if it bends.

Our ingenious garage storage solutions help you to make use of unused space in your garage, whether that be the ceiling, the wall, or the area above the garage door. You can use more than one solution to create as much storage space as you need, and our highly trained installers can set them up correctly so that they will last you a lifetime.

Install ceiling storage racks in the garage today, and start to make use of all the wasted space; you might even be able to fit your car in there again!