Syzzor Loft – Retractable Garage Storage Lift



Ceiling Mounted Garage Storage Lift

The Syzzor Loft is the first retractable overhead garage storage rack of its kind. Unlike the expensive competitors, our retractable system does not require a power source or technology (phone app). Rather, it is raised/lowered using your drill, or a hand-crank. Forget your ladder, because the Syzzor Loft comes down to you. The Syzzor Loft was engineered to hold 800 lbs of distributed weight, with cables (for support), and a Syzzor function (for stability). Finally, a retractable unit that does not swing!

If you are looking for a garage hoist system that is truly state of the art, then this is the unit for you. Totally stable with 2 to 3 times the storage capacity & weight of the competitors on the market today.

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Made in USA!

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Designed to last a lifetime with USA Steel.

Retractable Up & Down Ceiling Storage Lift with No Power Required – Use a Power Drill or hand crank to raise and lower.


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