• Overhead Garage organization system for totes/bins

    We designed the E-Z Glide Tote Slide System to utilize the wasted ceiling space above your garage door to store all of your seasonal or rarely used items in a bin or tote. Engineered to be durable, lightweight, and easy to install, our patented storage system allows for neat organization of your seasonal items, with zero wasted space. Hidden from street view, the Tote Slide provides a safe and secure way to store and organize your holiday totes. Made in the USA with the best steel in the world.

  • Wall Shelf Garage Storage
    • Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Steel Construction - Long Lasting Durability
    • 200+ lbs Load Capacity - Store & Organize Any Of Your Household Items
    • 18" x 36" Steel Wall Shelf Rack - Easy & Quick To Install
    • Steel Grate Grid Pattern Design - No Cleaning Necessary
    • Mounting Hardware Included - Install to Any Wooden Stud or Joist
  • The Syzzor Loft is the first retractable overhead garage storage rack of its kind. Unlike the expensive competitors, our retractable system does not require a power source or technology (phone app). Rather, it is raised/lowered using your drill, or a hand-crank. Forget your ladder, because the Syzzor Loft comes down to you. The Syzzor Loft was engineered to hold 700 lbs of distributed weight, with cables (for support), and a syzzor function (for stability). Finally, a retractable unit that does not swing!