E-Z Glide Tote Slide PRO – Overhead Garage Storage System


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We designed the E-Z Glide Tote Slide Overhead Storage System to utilize the wasted ceiling space above your garage door to store all of your seasonal or rarely used items in a bin or tote. Engineered to be durable, lightweight, and easy to install, our patented storage system allows for neat organization of your seasonal items, with zero wasted space. Hidden from street view, the Tote Slide provides a safe and secure way to store and organize your holiday totes. Made of high quality USA steel.

*Totes Not Included.

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Overhead Tote Storage Rack and Organization System

System Holds 9-12 27 Gallon Totes/450 lbs (Totes Not Included) on the ceiling of your garage, either above the garage door or any location on the ceiling where proper wooden struts can be drilled into.

The system is designed to provide storage space on the ceiling of your garage above the garage door, but can be installed in almost any space that has the proper clearance and struts. If you have 18″ of clearance above your garage door, then this system is right for you top hold the 27 gallon totes. You can use 17 gallon totes if you have 15″ of clearance. Each kit comes with 3 adjustable rows created with 4 rails.

  • Rails are Adjustable to Fit any Size Tote – Modular System (Yes you can mix and match totes!)
  • 3x Channel System Holds 9-12 27 Gallon Totes
  • Best Quality Powder Coated Steel
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Totes Not Included

Additional information

Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 84 × 78 × 2 in

4 reviews for E-Z Glide Tote Slide PRO – Overhead Garage Storage System

  1. ColeCatalina

    From Amazon:

    I was looking all over the place for ways to store bins directly on the roof of my garage without having a big rack hanging down. I didn’t have enough clearance over my garage door for any viable storage solution, but I just installed this unit and put 10 27 gallon totes I bought at Costco safely on the garage ceiling. I have a lower ceiling so I didn’t want too much hanging down… this product worked out great. Very happy with the ease of the sliding and the steel seems to be very high quality. Installation was easy once I found the beams to attach to… took about an hour and a half for me.

  2. David

    From Amazon:

    We love the system. It is well designed and pretty much works as depicted. Our only “issue” was very minor. The channel hanging studs are a more challenging to Get past the ceiling channel connecting joints. We found it I’m easier to slide the studs in the. Hang the channels. Other than that everything worked great! We love being able to utilize otherwise unusable space in our garage.

  3. David Bowden

    Bought 2 sets of these and installed them fairly easily. (im a general contractor) this was six months ago…FINALLY needed an extension cord out of..you guessed it, the one in the middle!! But to my delight, i stepped on the bumper of my wife’s car and slide the totes out with eaze!! Absolutely amazed that i bought a product that works like its supposed to! or even better! A little tip?!?!.. center them over the garage door where you can pull them out from either side!! Going to order another set for the other garage door this week!!

  4. Toby Flenderson

    Not too hard to install, just need to plan it out right before you start. I should also mention I was really high…up…when I installed it, so really it’s not that hard. Took me less than 2 hours from unpacking to having the bins stored. My garage door sits higher so I couldn’t use the largest bins, but the size I have works fine. I’m planning on getting another.

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